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How to deal with the lockdown, step 5: communicate

Updated: May 7, 2020

Charles Pennefather
How to deal with the lockdown by Charles Pennefather

The last post dealt with hobbies, and how you can use your time to pursue them effectively. For more, click here.

Communication has been key during this time: the authorities talk to us, and we, for the most part, haven’t listened. However, you can use the extra time you have now to communicate with people in your life.

The communication can take many forms: talk to your family. The virus reminds us all the time that we are temporary. Spend more time communicating with both your parents and children. Keep some time aside every day to play a board or card game, and have meals together. Leave the television off during meals, because the only sure things in life are death, taxes, and reruns. Get in touch with that friend you’ve been meaning to talk to but didn’t, for a long time – even if it means sending memes and smileys back and forth all day long. Talk to that friend you had a massive fight with. Talk to the nice stranger from the social media group – nobody is going to be able to stalk you now.

Carrying a conversation is a forgotten art. The number of people who can make you feel like you’re interesting and keep you talking is too few by half – why don’t you try and be that person? Make someone feel good today. Even if you feel like it’s tiring, give it a go anyway, because it will help you polish your conversation skills.

But never approach the people who left you; they did it with good reason.

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