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Dealing with the lockdown, step 3: four paws are better than two

Updated: May 7, 2020

Charles Pennefather
How to deal with the lockdown by Charles Pennefather

This is part of a series of how to deal with the lockdown. The other articles can be read via this link.

The social distancing applies to humans, as COVID-19 cannot be transmitted by dogs or cats. So if it is a friendly touch you’re craving, go pet a dog or cat in your locality. They usually get fed by people on their commute, and now there aren’t any commutes. Plus, people are worried and hoarding foodstuffs, which means no food for the animals, all of a sudden. So maybe giving them a little to eat wouldn’t go amiss. Leftovers will be perfectly acceptable - a hungry animal isn't a picky one, and you'll have used food that would otherwise be wasted.

Talk to people who have pets at home – they’ll tell you that a pet will help get rid of a lot of the stress that suddenly staying home can put on you. Why not do something that will benefit both you and the strays of your locality?

To read about step 2, click here.

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