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Dealing with the lockdown, step 4: pursue hobbies

Updated: May 7, 2020

Charles Pennefather
How to deal with the lockdown by Charles Pennefather

In the last post we discussed how a four-legged companion is not included in the social distancing rules. Click here to read the entire post.

At some point in our childhood we’ve been forced to go to art class, or dance class, or music class. Once we reached the age where we wore long pants to school, though, all of those fell by the wayside, in pursuit of more marks. You didn’t miss them, with your job and your promotion and your social life and your family commitments…

Well, the lockdown hasn’t given us much choice now, has it? Of course, there will always be those intrepid few who will steadfastly glue themselves to Netflix and Instagram and while away three whole weeks – but why not invest the time in creating a better version of yourself instead? Whether you like sketching, painting, singing, playing an instrument, or origami, pursue it. You might not have the supplies at home, but that in itself will force you to get creative.

Fender, the famous manufacturer of guitars, has thrown open their learning academy to the world for free for three months. Sign up and learn to play that guitar or ukulele that has been ignored for all this time (click here for it). One of my friends has decided to brush up on his grammar. Another spends her time poring over books about motorcycle riding techniques – she hopes to apply the newfound knowledge once the lockdown is over.

Those of you who have children, raid their store of paints and paint with them. Your kids will enjoy it, I guarantee you. The others, play antakshari with them. Try to cheat as much as possible during the game, it makes it a whole lot more fun. Got a pack of cards or a few coins? Go to YouTube and start learning to do tricks with them. Teach yourself to juggle.

There are eleventy million things you can pursue that will be fulfilling and make you a better version of yourself.

For the entire series on how to deal with the lockdown, click here.

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