• Charles Pennefather

Update your EPF data - especially your bank account

Today, I learned something the hard way: get your employer to update your bank account details in the EPFO website. That's the provident fund's online portal. This is important because under certain circumstances, you can withdraw a percentage of the funds easily, with a few clicks.


This needs a bank account to be linked to your EPF account, and it can be done only by your employer, not you. Since you never know when you'll need it, just make sure your employer updates it for you.

To find out whether your account is linked, log in to your account on the EPFO member website with your UAN on the EPF site. Once you're in, you'll see drop down menus on the left. Among them is the option of 'online services'. Click on this, then 'Claim form', which is the first option. If your account isn't linked, the site will not allow you to go beyond this point and will ask you to ask your employer to update your bank account details and link them to your EPF account.

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