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Neural DSP Archetype: Gojira – how to set up the whammy pedal over MIDI

This is a condensed version of how to set up the whammy pedal in Neural DSP’s latest release, the Archetype: Gojira. For the full set of instructions on how to set up a MIDI controller, please click here.

I’ve used my trusty Meloaudio MIDI Commander, an IK Multimedia iRig HD2, and a Boss FV-500L that I’ve had lying around for many years. I like the FV-500L because it does not need its own power supply, and it offers a lot of connection options. The downside is its massive size, and it is heavy. If you have large feet and like to gig with trekking boots, though, this is probably one of the best, most indestructible expression pedals you can own.

You’ll need a USB to micro USB cable to connect the iRig HD2, a USB to USB B cable to connect the MIDI Commander (a printer USB cable), and a TRS to TRS cable for the Boss expression pedal. This can be a speaker-quality patch cable, or you can temporarily try using an ep to ep stereo cable with 1/8” to 1/4” converter jacks as well.

Once you’ve set everything up as per the instructions in this post and the MIDI controller is working fine, follow the instructions below.

- Plug in the expression to the ‘Exp 1’ port on the MIDI Commander.

- Look at the screen on the MIDI controller, on the bottom left you will see “CC#1” – this means that the expression pedal assignment CC number is 1.

On the right side are two bars. The left one of the two shows the current position of the expression pedal. Sweep the pedal and make sure the bar goes from empty to full. Another indicator is the value in the last line, on the bottom left. It should go from 0 to 127. If it doesn't go all the way in either direction, your pedal will need recalibration.

- Make sure that the Meloaudio MIDI Commander is selected as the MIDI input device in Archetype: Gojira via the audio settings button on the bottom left.

- Go to the first tab at the top of the Archetype: Gojira panel, the one that contains the whammy and octaver pedals.

- Assign a footswitch to the whammy pedal. I have assigned footswitch 1 for the purposes of this tutorial. That is CC#80. Now for the expression pedal.

- Right click and open ‘MIDI mappings’.

- Select a new mapping by clicking on the ‘+’ sign on the left.

- Select ‘CC Absolute’ in the first column, then ‘WOW position’ in the second column.

- Select CC#1, as that is the CC number assigned to the expression pedal plugged in to the first expression pedal port.

- Save your preset, rock your expression pedal back and forth, and you should see it reflect in the whammy pedal on your computer screen!

Note: I did not manage to trigger the pedal on and off with the toe switch from the expression pedal itself, as the MIDI Commander did not seem to recognise it.

If you have any further questions you can find me through the contact form on this website or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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Diego M.
Diego M.
Feb 09, 2021

You can safely contact me at my email address Thank you very much. Diego


Diego M.
Diego M.
Feb 09, 2021

Hi, I have blackstar's Live Logic midi controller and the Boss EV30 pedal. I still tried to follow your directions but can't set up the pedal with the Whammy. I also recently saw Pete Thorn with the Blackstar midi connected to an expression pedal and it makes it work smoothly.. I would like to say that the Archetype Goyira I use both in the Daw but also in Standalone. You'd like to give me some advice? Thanks

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