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Another trip around the sun

Another trip around the sun, eh, Young Charles? Life feels a little different now – back then, you knew you had a lot of time. You had a lot of energy. I marvel at how many things you packed into a single day. I marvel at the sheer number of years you put your body through the grind, and how well it held up to the abuse. Back then, you knew that you had more than half your life left, but when you actually reach that halfway point, it will feel strange – like a countdown to the end of your existence.

As you grow older, you will value different things. You will value people. You will look back fondly on the good things, and yes, you will regret the wrong things you did, but with age will come maturity to understand that you didn’t always know how to deal with something the correct way.

Young Charles, you stumbled around endlessly, trying to find something – you didn’t even know what you were looking for. Know that it is an endless process. There will be many hiccups. You will lose faith. You will break down and feel alone. You will do horrible things, and get bone weary.

…and you will emerge calmer. You will value the relationships you still have after the dust has settled. You will find the courage to apologise. You will have the grace to accept things and people as they are. You will still cry, and at times you will still feel like you’ve lost your way completely.

But you will hope, and you will bumble on the best you can, and you will change your world, a little bit of yourself at a time. You will grow, and you will forgive. You might not be able to do the things you could physically when you were in your physical prime, but you will be so much stronger nevertheless. You will realise that you are okay, with all your imperfections. You are good enough. You will smile readily, and often. You will worry less despite having less. You will be content. Most of all, you will hope.

It isn’t all fun and games at this end, Young Charles, but there is also beauty in growing older and wiser. You will be okay, believe you me. Have a good one!

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